Our services

We provide one of the most comprehensive fund administration solutions in the market and connect funds to their members and employers.

We help our clients achieve their strategic goals with core and value-added administrative services for our funds.

As a Link Group company, our leading industry position and scale allows us to invest in our technology and platforms to achieve client outcomes, drive ongoing product innovation, invest in training to drive service quality, and deliver expertise and efficiencies to all our clients.

Member and employer services

We deliver core services for members and employers on behalf of our super fund clients, including:

  • Contribution and pension payment processing
  • Member and employer statements
  • Call centre operation
  • Member and employer communication
  • Insurance claim administration
  • Member investment choice
  • Client accounting
  • Employer regulatory compliance checks

We also provide online portals for members and employers, MemberAccess and EmployerAccess, which act as extensions to super fund websites to help members manage their super accounts and investments, and employers stay on top of their super obligations.

Link Group offers a high quality core administration solution with a full range of value-added services to enhance our clients’ offerings to their employers and members.

Fund services

Underpinned by our proprietary technology, processes and people, we provide superannuation funds with the most comprehensive solution in the market.

We offer a customisable offering of core and value-added services, to provide funds of all sizes the flexibility to select the mix of services that meets their needs.

Our core services help our clients meet their day-to-day administration needs, while our value-added services help our clients differentiate their product offerings, respond to regulatory change as well as grow, engage and retain members.

These services include:

  • Predictive data analytics help funds understand member and employer behaviour. Insights generated by Empirics, which is part of Link Group’s Technology & Innovation division, assist clients with targeted marketing, member retention and member engagement.
  • Integrated clearing house, to simplify contribution plans for employers by allowing them to pay to all employee superannuation funds with a single payment. This service is provided by Super Clearing House Online.
  • Financial planning services through Link Advice, a financial planning service provider which supports superannuation fund members to take charge of their financial future through targeted financial advice.
  • Direct investment options (DIOs), a flexible feature that provides fund members with the capability to invest in ASX300 shares, Exchange Traded Funds and term deposits.
  • Mobile and digital services include mobile-optimised websites and apps to help members easily access and manage their superannuation and pension accounts across a range of digital platforms and devices.
  • Trustee services, customisable data and record keeping services that enable superannuation fund trustees to access all interactions with superannuation fund members and employers in order to accurately fulfil their reporting obligations with regulators.
  • aaspireCRM, a desktop Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that allows funds to execute and monitor an end-to-end marketing and sales campaign directed to their members.
  • Marketing and creative services, a team of marketing and branding experts who will develop integrated marketing and communications campaigns to your members, specialising in design, digital marketing, print and mail services and customer relationship management.
  • Post-retirement solutions, a range of post-retirement products and services to provide your members with transition to retirement (TTR) or standard pension account options and income solutions for post-retirement.

Super Clearing House Online is a non-cash payment product which is issued by Pacific Custodians Pty Limited (AFSL 295142) and operated by The Superannuation Clearing House Pty Limited.

Link Advice Pty Limited (AFSL 258145)

Bespoke services

AAS has a long history of collaboration and innovation to develop and deliver innovative solutions tailored to our clients’ strategic objectives.

Link partners with clients of all membership sizes, delivering both a comprehensive administration service solution as well as interacting with other client selected outsourced service providers.

Drawing on the expertise of Link Group’s IT and digital teams, our bespoke services are designed to help our clients understand, attract, engage and retain members through technology.

Our bespoke services help funds by:

  • Driving greater efficiencies through automation and straight-through-processing
  • Increasing connectivity for greater engagement with members
  • Facilitating member decision-making through personalisation and data analytics
  • Improving user experience through custom-built products and services for members and employers
aaspire platform

At the heart of AAS is our market-leading proprietary aaspire platform which provides a user-friendly and feature rich experience for funds.

aaspire is a proven and scalable platform that allows fund trustees to access real-time data.

The aaspire platform effectively administers a wide range of superannuation plans, bringing data-driven insights to the fingertips of funds by integrating seamlessly with a range of workflow, document management, contact centre, document publishing, member and employer online services, finance and CRM systems.

Additional benefits of the aaspire platform:

  • Adaptive to legislative requirements
  • Customisable to a fund’s products, services and needs
  • Single member database
  • Upfront data validation
  • Intuitive and virtually paperless workflow
  • Seamless systems integration
  • Optimised contact centre view
  • Automated linked imaging of member documents and correspondence
  • Real time data and updates
  • Automated scanning and indexing technology
  • Superior security and accountability through workflow management
  • Open and modern IT and service infrastructure

Link Group continues to invest in the continuous improvement of the aaspire platform, to support its ability to provide clients with scalability, automation, operating leverage, privacy and data protection and integration with other platforms and services.

Quality security

Link Group brings together technology, processes and people, underpinned by rigorous quality and security frameworks.

Our ongoing investment in technology supports our clients’ growing needs, as we continually strengthen the capability, integration and security of our IT systems and platforms.

We have a team of quality experts dedicated to delivering outstanding service to our clients, their employers and members. Our quality framework brings accuracy, efficiency and continuous improvement across our technology, processes and people.

Link Group continues to invest and enhance our information systems to optimise the accuracy, integrity and security of data. We proactively take steps to reduce the risk of security breaches and meet regulatory and third party compliance expectations.

Link Group has also implemented an Information Security Management System certified to the ISO27001 international standard, independently verified by SAI Global.